Trouver les bons outils pour la gestion comptable de son entreprise

The  billing  and  accounting  of your business take you much time? You would like to get rid of all these mandatory tasks, but none of the solutions you have found so far seem to be effective in your eyes? Today, however, there are tools that are easy to learn, even if you don’t know  what accounting is? So  how do you choose your accounting software or solution ? Whether you are a self-employed person, manager of an SME or boss of a VSE, this article is for you. Find out here the criteria for optimizing the management of your invoices, expense reports, or even your bank account. 

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Use online management software that suits you

Store and secure all your data

The  ERP software  are advanced information systems that track and have a strict daily management. Do you have trouble getting your hands on invoices or  quotes  from one of your clients? With an ERP-type tool, you won’t lose anything. It performs both the organizational function of your  stocks and that of accounting management (invoicing and cash register). It also keeps a commercial database of your customer relationship ( CRM ) for you. This is   why use online software to run your business ! It’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for! It is entirely designed to facilitate the management of your business.

Everything is classified and just a click away in a specific space! Of course, with this type of  software,  all your data is in a safe place for a fair price. As for your money transfers, they can be done in peace. Your bank details and that of your customers are safe! 

Create your professional documents in the blink of an eye

Management software   also assumes the function of creating all your documents. In three clicks, you create and send, for example, a quote or an invoice to a customer. This tool adapts, of course, to all your needs. Do you need to enter  VAT  on your accounting documents? You just have to configure the software and everything is automated!

Have a global vision of your business

As you enter all of your data, you keep track of all your transactions. Do you want to know precisely the state of your  cash flow  at a given moment ? No need to compare your dashboards. Click a button and you will have it! Thus, at the time of the balance sheet of your company for example, you no longer worry in front of your screen wondering if you have all the necessary documents. In no time at all, the tool finds all your documents according to pre-established criteria and gives you the synthetic image you want to obtain.

Work easily in a team

SaaS  (software as a service) type  software is provided as a service by its supplier. No installation is required to take advantage of all of its features. Several users can therefore connect simultaneously . Everyone thus continues their activity in real time using the same management tool. For information, some management software even allows you to know with precision the time that each one spends on each task!

Save precious time

It is indisputable: this type of tool is your best asset for optimizing, without doubt, your working time and that of your employees. At the same time, you increase your productivity, because you process all tasks much faster on your screen.

Manage your expense reports using an application   

Abandon the paper management of your expense reports: 3 reasons

Accounting for  expense reports  is a very time consuming activity. In addition to wasting time, you are not immune to making a mistake that will cost you money. An application can be of real help to you. So,  how do you manage your expense reports with an app? You will see it, this presents real interests:

  • with an application, you can count all your notes by pressing a button on your smartphone;
  • if you share the app with your employees, they can also handle this daunting task for you. You only control its data. The application then takes care of their security. You save incredible time to devote yourself to your core business;
  • icing on the cake, some apps make your life even easier! They automatically transfer your professional expenses to your accounting entries  . You are sure that they will be recorded in your treasury!

Easily dematerialize professional expenses 

An expense management application has various functionalities. Any mobile web solution is generally equipped with:

  • an intelligent scan allowing him to read the information of the photo of an invoice;
  • automatic archiving of your data;
  • a functionality to produce statistical tables.

It is, moreover, accessible to an unlimited number of users . So,  how do you manage your expense reports with an app? Your employees enter their  expenses . These are then submitted for your approval. You therefore verify the expenses and validate the payment, if this work is not the responsibility of your accounting firm.

The application  then takes care of switching this expense to your cash flow, without you having to do anything! 

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Opting for an online bank: 5 advantages

Products that look like you 

Have you ever thought about using an  online banking ? However, a neo-bank offers the turnkey  banking solution of your dreams! It offers, of course, basic products such as the savings account, the management of your accounts, credit possibilities. However, this is not all. An online bank adapts to your expectations and greatly simplifies the management of your business. In one click, it provides you with a set of products corresponding to your needs. Indeed, it offers you for example: 

  • to pool your bank account and your accounting software to save you time;
  • automation of the management of your professional expenses or payslips;
  • very interesting loans or insurance.

An account opening in a few hours

Opening a professional account in an online bank is very quick. You can even consider doing it right on your smartphone. The process is breathtakingly simple. Simply:

  • connect to the internet;
  •  complete the registration form;
  • download the required documents.

In less than a day, you have an answer. Incredible, isn’t it? 

Prices adapted to entrepreneurs 

Not only are your procedures simplified, but, in addition, their  services  and  prices are  unbeatable! As everything is digitized, the cost of services is, in fact, greatly reduced. Count between 8 and 30 euros monthly package depending on the one you choose. Some online banks even give you a one or two month free trial. You thus check before committing that the banking products and the ergonomics of the site correspond to you. So why go without testing?

Fast, secure financial transactions 

Choosing an online bank also means reducing all your accounting tasks  . Imagine that you could recover your banking transactions and post all of your accounting entries to them. The benefits of automatically importing bank statements  are clear: all the work is automated. So you save an incredible amount of time to devote yourself to where you are competent. 

Very practical statistical monitoring of all your banking transactions

Your business necessarily performs a lot of banking transactions. An online bank offers you a panel of relevant statistical tools that you will love. At a glance, you have the possibility to:

  • precisely visualize all your essential figures;
  • categorize your payments;
  • anticipate your charges;
  • analyze your spending curves to save money.

Running a business is not easy. There are now simple tools to automate tedious administrative tasks . An all-in-one software is a tailored tool essential. He supports you on a daily basis in order to optimally manage your company. However, he is not the only one who can have a real interest. By choosing an application for managing your expense reports, as well as an online bank account, you save an infinite amount of time. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, don’t you think? 

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